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Analytics Dashboard

The application’s advanced reporting dashboard provides critical facts for organization’s better analysis and decision making. It provides a comprehensive overview of entire processes that is happening in an organization’s purchase process. It displays statistical facts for matched invoices and invoices received from suppliers over a month, process status and recent purchase orders.


  • Better decision support
  • Detailed view of critical facts
  • Statistical analysis of purchase activities
  • Faster access to critical areas

Invoice Scanning and Imaging

High speed scanner like Kodak i60 is interfaced with PIPS system which allows invoice documents to be directly scanned to the system. System supports batch scanning of multiple invoices at same time (Multiple pages in one invoice, multiple invoices). This can be enabled by placing barcode separately at the beginning and end of multiple page invoice document. In this scenario the pages between barcode separator pages will be treated as single invoice document.


  • Paperless office solution
  • Access scanner within the application
  • About 25% less processing time compared to normal process
  • Yield high ROI annually

Electronic Matching

Invoice details can be entered in Match Invoice module with provision to enter invoice details and allocate it against various nominal values and tax values. Invoice details matched with corresponding purchase invoice can be either submitted alone or as a batch for validation for Sage. This process checks if all the entries are valid and if not specifies the invalid entries for the user to correct and submit again. User can thus easily identify which value was entered incorrectly.


  • Optimize matching process by 30% faster
  • Integrated with Sage
  • Reduce manual matching errors
  • Reduce error occurrences through validation process


PIPS provides authorization capabilities, which enable the entire approval process to be streamlined between multiple departments. Simplifying the approval process reduces administration costs and errors. The reduction in paper chasing combined with a fully comprehensive audit trail enables an increase in productivity, reduction in costs, improved company image and a fast return-on-investment.


  • Minimize cost of chasing by 50%
  • Sync multiple departments in real time
  • Increases approval process by 25% compared to manual process
  • Increases administration cost by a high margin

Invoice Management

PIPS is capable of managing all invoice/credit notes related activities very efficiently. It will show invoices at various stages like Post to Sage, Validation failure, Validate to Sage, Matched record, Held Records etc. It can match invoices electronically with respective POs, validate and approve the matched invoices and post approved invoices to Sage. This enables reduction in manual invoice management cost and increase productivity.


  • Cut paper filing cost by 50%
  • Reduce document retrieval capability by 25%
  • Remove physical document storage necessities
  • Sync process flow and manage invoices optimally

Posting to Sage

Once the invoices/credit notes are validated and passed, they are ready to be posted to Sage as Purchase Invoices/Purchase Credit Notes. This can be done either one at a time or as a batch process. The application posts the invoice details to Sage and updates the status in the PIPS application for the user to know.


  • Minimize multiple accounting licenses
  • Reduce duplicate entries to accounting solution
  • Increases time to post data to an accounting solution by 25%
  • Sync with accounts both ways to and from PIPS

Posting to Document Management

After successful electronic filing of documents, the application also has the provision to post the scanned invoices to M-Files, a document management system with multiple attributes and subsequently update the status in PIPS application. These documents are saved efficiently for future references and can be retrieved quickly and without any loss.


  • Increase document retrieval capability by 25%
  • Remove loss or theft of documents
  • Reduce administration cost by a high margin
  • Remove physical document storage cost by 25%

Purchase Order

The application provides the capability to allocate a user group who will be authorized to create Purchase Orders. User can create purchase orders from PIPS with details from Sage. After the user creates a purchase order, it can be sent for multiple level approvals to the Purchase and Finance department in real time. As the solution is web based, both departments can access and approve from multiple locations in real-time. The approved PO details can then be sent to suppliers.


  • Increases approval process by 25% compared to manual process
  • Real time information flow due to web based solution
  • Reduce administration cost by a high margin
  • Minimize validation cost by 25%


PIPS application provides the following advanced reports:

  • Purchase Order status- Logged, Awaiting and Approved
  • Invoice status- Matched and Unmatched
  • Invoice approval status
  • Supplier approval status
  • Delivery status