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M-Files Summary

M-Files Corporations is leapfrogging in the Enterprise content management (ECM) sector and is being recognised as a global player in the ECM and document management market. Market leading IT research company Gartner has included M-Files in their report for the 4th consecutive year. M-Files metadata driven approach makes finding, saving and managing electronic content that much intuitive.

M-Files is dynamic

M-Files organises content by what some something is compared to where it’s been stored

M-Files is easy to use, simple to deploy and is adaptable to any business. The familiar integration with Windows makes users feel instantly familiar.

M-Files flexible approach means that you are able to deploy M-Files on your server, in the cloud or Hybrid. A simple M-Files implementation can be setup and up and running in a matter of days compared to weeks.

Microsoft integrations enables users to continue to work with the Microsoft Office products which we all love and enjoy. The integration with the Microsoft Outlook is a great asset to any business as more and more of our online communication happens over an email. Email accounts become a repository for all our company corresponds and data which creates additional issues of how to manage this vast amount of data. M-Files enables user to save emails and attachments directly to M-Files making data truly available to anyone across the organisation.

Data Security

M-Files helps to ensure documents are safe and secure. M-Files stores all documents and data on the server and not on user’s machines. Data is controlled by access permissions and unlike conventional permission setting which give access to a particular folder. M-Files enable documents to be given access permission down to individual documents. The metadata driven approach of M-Files means that permission can be carried out automatically.

For example an employment contract.

An employee is able to see their individual employment contract however is unable to edit or see anyone else’s record. The supervisor is able view and amend their employee’s record however any changes which are made leave a trace.

Version Control

M-Files manages version control of all document and content within M-Files automatically. The version control feature provides transparency and traceability as all changes made to documents and content leave an audit trail.

The version control functionality also ensures you are always working with the current document as there is only one working copy within M-Files.


M-Files enables business to streamline their business process and provide structure when managing sequence of operations and tasks both simple and complex in nature. These may include repeatable patterns of business activities which require work to be carried out by a person or group of people at different stages. Information from the workflow process can be analysis to make key decisions.

Workflows provide value as remedial tasks are automated whilst still maintaining vital controls in regards to access permission.

Dynamic Views

Having information and data stored in you systems is one thing however being able to make use of the valuable information is another. M-Files dynamic views enable users to make us of information in M-Files to make key business decisions. This may include finding out all orders which are currently outstanding or to fast track the progress of a project.

M-Files power API capability means that M-Files can be integrated with many other application including Microsoft Office, Share point, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, SAP, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Autodesk, Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sales force.

Advantages of latest Version

M-Files is constantly improving, developing and innovating the product. These are some of the improvements with have been made with the current version. Customers with a valid M-Files Support and Upgrade subscription are able to benefit by upgrading to the latest version.

  • Graphical workflow editor – enable to visually see the business process which are involved
  • Annotation and redlining – being able to comment and make notes on a document without affecting the original document
  • Significant enhancements to scalability and performance with large repositories.
  • Support for single sign-on with Federated Identity providers, such as SAML 2.0 and Active Directory Federated Services in M-Files Web.
  • Improved support for Citrix XenApp.
  • Enhanced metadata card in M-Files Web.
  • Document preview in M-Files Web.
  • Creating and editing documents with tablets and smartphones.
  • Attaching pictures to objects with tablets and smartphones.
  • Numerous performance and usability improvements to the M-Files mobile apps.
  • Support for server-side .NET applications.
  • Support for encryption of data at rest.
  • Support for encrypted RPC connections.
  • Support for pre-shared key authentication. In addition to usernames and passwords, devices can be authenticated via a pre-shared key (M-Files Desktop, M-Files Web, M-Files mobile applications and APIs).
  • "Search within this view" feature.
  • Automatic failover mechanisms for on-premises M-Files servers.
  • Replication via the cloud.
  • Support for Romanian and Estonian language versions.
  • Numerous other user interface enhancements and usability improvements that deliver a simpler and a more efficient user experience.

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