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  • Ideal for businesses with:
    • up to 50 users
    • 10-200 employees
    • Typical turnover of £1m-£50m
    • Flexible software that grows with your business – choose from a range of additional modules as your business develops
    • Affordable and flexible payment options: choose from 12 or 36-month subscriptions, with discounts for paying upfront

Sages 200 Main Modules


Sage 200’s financial model provides an accurate view of your company’s financial position at any given time, as well as instant access and analysis of historical data and trends. It’s flexible, so will align with your own particular nominal codes, accounting periods and VAT status. It can be automated, to save time spent working on statements, standing orders and direct debits, and to reduce time spent searching for customer and supplier contact details. All these factors provide for accurate, current and predictive cash flow analysis.


Sage 200’s commercials module goes from one end of the supply chain spectrum to the other, with each part being fully linked back to your financial data. It has full integration with stock control, purchase ledger and sales order processing meaning that customers’ demands can be met quickly and smoothly. As you would expect, sales order entry is optimised for speed and can be tailored to your sales processes: not only in terms of design and layout, but in terms of searching for and allocating particular stock.

Business Intelligence

Identifying key trends, finding patterns in your business’s development, and tracking and understanding the potential opportunities for innovation and change… all of these top-level activities are provided for by the business intelligence module. Powerful analytical tools are included, and results and data can then be shared across all levels of the organisation. Graphically and numerically, reports can be quickly built and amended on the fly. All of this allows key performance indicators (KPIs) to be developed, tracked, and used to discover areas of potential growth with minimum financial and operational risk.


Workspaces is Sage 200’s means of giving the right information, to the right people, in the right way. A Workspace can be configured to a particular member of staff, or members of a particular department and can include only the data fields those users require. These can then be filtered to display particular information, which can be shared with other users. Depending on the Workspace, forms can be automatically populated. Any and all fields can act as a navigation point to drill down to further data. The content and layout can also be configured exactly to the users’ needs by way of the Workspace Designer function.

Bill Of Materials

A sister module to manufacturing, Bill Of Materials is for businesses in the light manufacturing assembly sphere. Its tools break down complex processes – making them straightforward to track and measure – and can manage a business as a set of distinct, user-defined areas, each of which can be reported on separately. Such areas might include labour, machines, or operations, with the Bill Of Materials module able to help you identify and account for potential shortages of parts, or over- or under-staffing during certain time periods.

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