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Purchase orders processing

Suppliers can login to the Supplier Management Portal and view Purchase Orders placed on them. Purchase Orders that are created in sage are synched in the Supplier Portal and are available to view in the Supplier Portal.

Invoice processing

Corresponding to the purchase orders, suppliers can create an invoice along with details such as invoice no, shipping details, invoice copy. Suppliers have the provision to select line items and enter quantities while creating invoice against an order.

Remittance advice tracking

Companies can post electronic remittances to the Supplier Portal. This will help to reduce postage cost and details will be available 24x7 to suppliers.

Goods/Services delivery

Organizations can update delivery receipt in real-time from the Supplier Portal. Suppliers can view the goods received note in this application. This information is synced with Sage.

Handling supplier queries

Supplier/Vendor Portal has the feasibility to handle and respond to multiple suppliers enquiries in real-time. Supplier enquiries for invoice processing/payments are updated in real-time in the application. Suppliers/vendors can access the information 24*7 and can track the progress.

Supplier/Vendor master

Supplier/Vendor portal has the provision for supplier self-services. Suppliers can directly access and update their information like bank account, tax codes, insurance details etc. This will help companies to have 100% accurate information for supplier compliance.

Electronic document filing

Supplier/Vendor portal has the feasibility to store invoices/purchase orders/remittance advices electronically. This will help company to save on manual storage cost.


Business users can set up blanket orders with Suppliers. Suppliers can invoice repeatedly based on the agreement duration.

ERP Interface

Supplier Application is seamlessly integrated with other legacy systems like ERP enabling users to view and access real time data.

Dashboard & Reports

Various reports are exported from the Supplier Portal which gives a lot of value to the users. Dashboard shows graphical representation of key indicators when the user logs in.