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Purchase Invoice Processing System - PIPS

Electronic Filing

PIPS application will significantly reduce paper use thereby reducing administration cost by almost 60%. The application will help organization to free storage space and the need of any 3rd party solution to store docuements

Real Time Authorization

PIPS solution provides the facility of multiple authorizations across various departments quickly and accurately with imaging facility that can scan and match paper invoices. The solution will also help to post matched invoices to Sage electronically

Remove Physical Storage

The solution will aid organizations to recuce their storage space and manage all their documents elctronically. With PIPS solution, users will be able to store and retrieve their documents fast without any data loss

Sage Integration

Purchase Invoicing System is completely integrated with Sage and will sync data in real time. This powerful feature makes the purchase invoicing processing system more robust.

M-Files Plug In

M-Files, document management system is tightly integrated, which makes the document management more intuitive. All stored documents are auto indexed and searchable for instant retrieval. The version control facility allows user to retrieve most up to date documents.