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Transform the look of outgoing documents

  • Apply digital signature.
  • Incorporates full colour design with logo and corporate branding.
  • Relevant data extracted from your ERP.
  • 256 bit document encryption.
  • Automatically change language files.
  • Terms & conditions automatically added.
  • Pay Now button added to invoice.
Spindle Professional features include...

Batch document distribution

Send batch invoices or other documents by email, print, fax or to archive depending on customer preference.

Branded document templates

Automatically apply a branded template to enhance your corporate identity and add promotional messages. Advertising messages can be tailored specifically to customer groups within your accounting system.

Send any type of business communication

Attach and send any document type, such as invoices, statements, remittance advices to any contact type, internally or externally.

Archive for future retrieval

Archive documents to specified locations such as a network, CRM, ERP and/or SharePoint automatically.

Distribute to multiple contacts

Copy additional recipients into emails or send the same document attached to tailored email separately.

Protect documents

Password protect sensitive information and digitally sign PDF documents using digital certificates (using advanced Adobe CDS Digital ID).

Personalise correspondence

Personalise customer communications (printed or emailed) using real-time data extracted from ERP database.

Add extra attachments

Include additional documents with your electronic correspondence such as related invoices with statements, delivery instructions, terms and conditions of purchase, promotional offers, newsletters etc.

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