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Ideal for independents, freelancers & consultants

  • Unlimited receipt scans
  • Multi user management
  • Export to online accounting software
  • Secured storage for over 10 years

Small Business

Ideal for Small Businesses with 5 to 99 users

Everything in Self Employed plus:

  • Group & role management
  • Approval flow
  • Integration with business software

Large companies

For companies with over 100 users. 30 day free trial.

Everything in SME plus:

  • API integration with ERP or HR
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Setup assisted by Xpenditure

PIPS-Check pricing options with your data

Please fill all the details below and we will calculate your cost savings along with PIPS license options that will suit your organizational purchase behaviour

1. Archiving - Are you still manually filing your documents?

No. of documents filed per year
Manual labour hours per hour
Cost of physical storage

2. Retrieval - Do you still manually retrieve your documents?

No. of documents retrieved per year
Manual Labour cost to retrieve

3. Authorization - Do you still manually chase key resources for authorization?

No of chase cases per year
Cost of chasing per document

4. Validation - Are you still manually validating your documents?

No of chase cases per year
Manual validation time/document

5. Mobility - Do you still authorize and update information during business hours only?

No of authorizations per year
Avg. time to authorize a document
Avg. time to access an information

6. Accounting Integration - Do you still manually update purchase transactions to an accounting solution?

No. of invoices integrated annually
Avg. time to post to an accounting solution
Avg. cost of accounting license per node
No. of nodes

Fill in all the details and we will send an email to you with cost savings and PIPS license options with your data